Garden Waste Pilot is abandoned

You may remember from the last newsletter my description of the Davenant Road Green Waste Collection Point bin as being a lidless stink hole and not something that any of us would want in our road or near our parks.

That was in the second week of September.

Walking to work in the third week of September I noticed that it and the nearby computerised food waste collection points were no longer there.

Speaking with my acquaintance from the pilot area she was able to confirm that the council has abandoned the ludicrous plan to cease door to door green waste collection as “ after further review the council would not be saving as much money as first thought”.

I say hurrah for common sense.

These bins very quickly became a focal point for fly tipping and unsightly rubbish dumping – as we all knew they would be.

It would be interesting to know just how much money has been wasted on this pilot plan.  Several people’s salaries one might imagine.


If the Council really wants to save money on refuse collection, then they need to return to the fray on persuading (or forcing – recycling is supposed to be compulsory) residents to be better recyclers.  We have not heard much about this from them for some time.  The last distributed leaflet on the green box scheme has a publication date of October 2009, and that on food waste recycling August 2012.   If you want a copy, Contact Islington can no longer provide one, and they are not even published on the LBI website.

Come on Islington Council, make sure nobody can claim ignorance of the recycling rules (a rubbish and recycling issue of Islington Life?) and then make your cost savings by pursuing those whose rubbish habits are actually costing council tax payers more, rather than penalising gardeners.  AB