General Enquiries Joy Chamberlin
Telephone number  020 7272 4589
Membership Secretary Alison Barlow
Newsletter Editor Alison Barlow
Forgotten Corners Paul Thompson
Islington Wildlife Gardeners Group Sue Lees


Annual Membership costs £8 per person, or £10 per couple or family at the same address.

Membership Form

Membership year is 1 March – 28 February.   Joining instructions can be found on the form.

On receipt of subscription your membership card will be sent to you, which will enable you to claim your 10% discount (Monday to Friday only) at the following local garden centres:

The Boma Garden Centre, Islip Street, London NW5 2DJ
Capital Gardens, Alexandra Palace Garden Centre, N10
Clifton Nurseries, 5A Clifton Villas, W9 2PH
North One Gardens, 25 Englefield Road, N1 4EU