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Spring 2020

Judith Parker retired from the committee on 21st April 2020 after many years service. We thank her for her time and the use of her beautiful garden for many of our plant sales.

Summer Picnic at Olden Garden Saturday 28 July 2018

For the first time this year, and jointly with De Beauvoir Gardeners for whom this is a regular annual event, we held a summer picnic at the Olden Garden for members of both clubs.  We were lucky with weather.  A thunderstorm on the Friday temporarily cooled down the heatwave and Saturday was dry, sunny and a comfortable 25C or so.

About 50 of us got together to eat cucumber sandwiches, cake and other goodies members had brought, drink wine, tea and Joy’s fruit punch and talk about plants and gardens.  We also had an interesting tour of the Arvon Road allotments which face the Olden Garden on the opposite slope of the railway embankment.  Chris Ashby, IG and DBG member and a founder member of the allotments association led this and described how the association was set up.  You clearly need to be fit to garden there as the area of level ground at the top is quite narrow and the gardens then slope quite precipitously down in terraces towards the railway line with soil which tends to wash downwards partially held in place with recently installed gabions (strong wire cages filled with rubble).  It was fascinating to see the variety of vegetables being grown and how they were faring in this summer’s heat.  So many tomatoes already ripe at the end of July.


The picnic is definitely a function to be repeated. This year we booked Olden Garden’s last available summer date before the start of the football season at nearby Emirates.  Next year we will get in early with our booking to get a date before schools break up and some members leave for holidays so that some of you who missed it this year will be able to come.  Alison

Picnic 1

Jo Murray about to cut the celebratory cake she made for us

Picnic 3

Members drink and talk

Picnic 2









Picnic 4

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