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Sunday 14th May
Islington Gardeners Plant Sale

This year things began badly.  The plant sale date had to be changed at the last minute due to an Arsenal fixture, but with plenty of advanced planning and extra publicity we had one of the best turnouts for the plant sale ever, in our second year at the Olden Community Garden.
After an exceptionally dry winter and early spring May had been cold and sometimes wet as in recent years (I blame melting arctic ice); but the weekend was fine and Sunday afternoon sunny, and warm with it.
From the moment that plants started arriving it was obvious that this year was going to be a good one. Our members, supporters and friends had managed to overcome a difficult start to the gardening season by producing a huge collection of varied and well-grown and desirable plants, some of which were rare and/or specialities.   I do not want to single any one out, but those who go to the trouble of raising seedlings, particularly vegetable seedlings, are especially appreciated.
The Olden Garden is a tribute to its members and community- beautiful, peaceful and well-kept. It is also a perfect spot for our needs, with room for tables for plants and to store overflow, space to sit and talk and catch up with old friends and make new ones, and a beautiful garden to wander round and view. The large kitchen is perfect for refreshments from which to serve teas with scones and cake. My gratitude to the bakers for a selection almost as varied and certainly as delectable as the plants.
Our heartfelt thanks to all those who donated, those who helped, and those who turned up to buy or just to enjoy themselves.
Special thanks must go to the Olden Garden committee and especially Jill McKeown who provided access for the purpose of setting up, sometimes at times other than advertised, and her kindness and help on the afternoon itself.
Everyone I spoke to had a lovely time and I hope all of you reading this did too. We made a record amount of money, and will be donating £150 to St. Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney and £150 to the Alzheimer’s’ Society.  The rest of the money is used to keep Islington Gardeners in funds for another year or two.

Judith Parker




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